Nikola Tesla Dood

by Sarah Donner & The Oatmeal



The Oatmeal and Sarah Donner made a YouTube video to raise money for the Tesla Museum!


You were six foot six - a hit with nineteenth century chicks
And if I had my way - your mustache would have its own grave
Nikola Tesla why - did you leave the world behind
Your genius I say - can never be repaid
‘cept by digging up your vertebrae and firing it into outerspace

Aw Mr. Tesla dude - I’d hug you in the nude
Nikola Tesla sir - you make my hoo-ha purr
But Mr. Edison douche - I’d punch you in the pooch
You are a bloated, pig-faced, worthless mooch

Thomas Edison, guy - I want to vomit on your life
Set fire to your wife - and fertilize my bonzai
But Mr. Tesla man - I’d vote for you if you ran
Oh Mr. Tesla guy - you rained down awesome from the sky

Lazy ass electrons only go one way
With Edison the Douche’s direct current buffet
But we got Bitches to the left - But we got Bitches to the right
with an alternating current, A Tesla party’s outta sight!

Mr. Tesla hey - I want to make your day
I’d roundhouse a bear or two- or be a favourite chair for you
Nikola Tesla guy - I just want buy you
A kitten that shoot fireballs - I’m smitten with your lightning bolts

If you asked me to I’d cook koala stew
or an endangered species BBQ - ‘cuz Mr. Tesla I love you
But Mr. Tesla man - I’d vote for you if you ran
Oh Mr. Tesla guy - you rain down awesome from the sky


released September 15, 2014
Concept by The Oatmeal
Music by Sarah Donner



all rights reserved


Sarah Donner New Jersey

Sarah Donner is an indie folkpop star who has embraced her inner catlady. "The Motherf**cking Pterodactyl Song" which was co- written with The Oatmeal catapulted Sarah into weblebrity status with over two million views on YouTube. After stretching her legs with musical theatre, she picked up a guitar, abandoned her classical roots, and started rocking out (with fantastic breath support). ... more

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