That Is A Pegasus

by Sarah Donner

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Jade Gordon
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Jade Gordon So sweet and unexpected a pace, I think I like this track most because it really shows off how amazing Sarah Donner's voice is! (But it is so hard to choose, these are tremendously lovely songs!) Favorite track: Perfect Time.
David Davis
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David Davis! I can't say enough about why someone should buy this album. Every song is excellent. Some are funny, other's with great messages, but overall, this is one of my favorite albums of 2014!! :) Favorite track: The Rebuttal of Schrödinger's Cat.


released June 3, 2014

Sarah Donner: guitars, keyboards, ukuleles, piano
Jay Buchanan: upright bass, electric bass
Owen Lewis: electric bass, electric guitar
Kiernan McMullan: electric bass, piano



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Sarah Donner New Jersey

Sarah Donner is an indie folkpop star who has embraced her inner catlady. "The Motherf**cking Pterodactyl Song" which was co- written with The Oatmeal catapulted Sarah into weblebrity status with over two million views on YouTube. After stretching her legs with musical theatre, she picked up a guitar, abandoned her classical roots, and started rocking out (with fantastic breath support). ... more

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Track Name: Signal
Signal by Sarah Donner

A E B5
You woke up broken and beat
To ask me what to believe
But your life is your discovery

When you get in too deep
Send out a signal to me
We came from the same one the sea
The salt inside our blood runs through the
Veins in you and in me

E Bsus
Take a stand I’ll take your hand
E/G# A
God knows I am not that fearless
I am strong inside a song, but
I could never live up to lyrics
Remember when I was thirteen
And we deemed everything so romantic
And you know how to make me scream
The glass between you weren’t afraid to
E/A E/A# B5
smash it down and break out

So many sit on the beach
Waiting for the tide that’s high
To wash up things out of reach
But treasures fade and beauties age
Hope floats and love doesn’t sink
Make your move and hold onto
The ones who pray you suceed

C#m Caug E/B
I know the feeling
Everyone else winning
E/G# A B
Beginnings are so far away
Track Name: With Pride
With Pride

I can come out, you can come too
We can be gay, gay as a unicorn
That soars in the sky
We can go see the Indigo Girls
You wear the pants, I’ll wear the pearls
And we can be closer to fine

If you like Prada or kickin in your Birks
We’ll be like Tim Gunn and make it work

God made a rainbow for us all to see
A spectrum of people all underneath
So you be who you are inside
And I’ll be your friend with pride

We’ll go to marches, bars, and parades
Sing all the songs from all the Broadway plays
It’s fun when you’re down with the gays
If you are straight, we can be friends
Even with conservative Republicans

Contraception happens naturally
We can’t have a baby accidentally

Track Name: Perfect Time
3. Perfect Time:: You have brought a lot of joy to my life that I love Now : You have got a broken heart so what, what can I give you? : All these grays, they make you feel older but : You’ve got ten thousand days : This one’s going to blow over

The ones we love become undone and you are stuck by a bedside : Where midnight rides just drive the heartache home : Where the lights of your life sleep : Sound, the sound of your speakers : Drowns out the drone of doubt : And exposes your weakness :

When your children love you wholly : When they play in perfect time : Music sometimes fades out slowly : We’ve been listening all our lives :

Breathe and beat on repeat, your feet go through the motions : And love sustains the weight of pain when there is no resolution : The signature of time has accidentals so : Sing out the song inside : It’s instrumental : (Chorus)

Raise your glasses high, to a man, to a love, to a life : Raise your glasses high to man, to love, to life
Track Name: Perspective

I knew you were leaving by the sigh inside your breathing
When your eyes looked in mine
From August to December every month the world had ended
And your heart turned white and saved my life

Change was on my shoulder saying “Baby you look older”
On a one way track and you can’t go back
Life is easy when you are not looking for adventure
With the window panes closed to keep me safe

oh, you fade away
Teach me to be brave

Deep inside the garden my heart was breaking harder than the ground below
I will throw away the shovel and the spade, let the witch grass grow
This earth is full of springs that will never be
Broken up from the love underneath

You never spoke a word but every hope I overheard
It was in your cry and I held on tight
The mountains moved to rise that I knew you would never climb
the heights that stop the sky and turn the day to night

I drifted along for my paycheck and a song
When I had time to write and rhyme
Reality’s subjective and nothing’s in perspective
when fear and dread hold up your head.


Oh this face can glow, but here you’ll never see it
And this weight can float, but here you won’t believe it
Track Name: The Rebuttal of Schrödinger's Cat
The Rebuttal of Schrödinger’s Cat

In multiple states at the same time
I’ll take the one where I’m still alive
When I get out, I’ll live with Einstein
And I will because I have nine lives

I will chase your theory It’s just made of string
Without observation I’m doing all the things
I would not be in this box with cyanide
If I could call PETA in 1935

Open up and measure this absurdity
I’ll teach you about superposition with my claws and teeth

In multiple states at the same time
I’ll take the one where I’m still alive
You have one life, but I have nine
I’ll hunt you down with the rest of mine

This quantum mechanics thought experiment
On a macroscopic level just proves that you’re a dick
Yes you are a smart man, but one thing you forgot
I am cat. I can think outside the box

Open up and measure this absurdity
I’ll get out and shred all possible realities

In multiple states at the same time
I’ll take the one where I’m still alive
You are unknown without this feline
Guess who peed on your Nobel Prize
Track Name: Let Him Go
Let Him Go

Now and then there’s things that you gotta say
even though it’s hard
A friend in need’s a friend in deed so have a try
Speak right from the heart
You’ve shared joys and tears untold
Shouldered burdens and beared your soul
So why not be the better friend and let her know
She’s dating an asshole

Oh let him go
You gotta show
Him the door ‘cause you’re worth more
What else are you waiting for?

He loves you so, he’s gonna grow, blah, blah, blah
He says that he can change
But if he is a cheater who manipulates
Well, that’s just what he’d say
Therapy is not enough
He needs a swift punch to the nuts so
Speak your mind, smack her down, let her know
She’ll thank you someday

Oh let him go
You gotta show
Him the door ‘cause you’re worth more
What else are you waiting for?
Track Name: Sightlines

I don’t know why you move me to tears
On my pillow pillowcase
I don’t owe owe you anything
But I want to give you everything

Barely breathing
Sleeping in the basement
Out of sightlines
Wishing I was in your bed
And you were in mine
Putting out the lights
In the back of my mind

Let me go to the shore
We’ll throw stones in the water
Hold your face
From our boat
Hug the coast
Please just don’t waste my love


Take a tour of my skin
I’m still learning to live in
Track Name: Daniel

Oh Daniel when are you gonna come down
My mouth is tired from all this smiling at the ground
Get yourself moving If we’re gonna go let’s go now
Cause there’s thing to say ‘bout moving slowly
So I’m holding

Your angel voice is putting pennies in the bank
It’s sweet when you know how to sing me down to sleep
That tune that you sing I wouldn’t trade for anything
But my finger’s cold and feeling lonely
But I’m holding

Oh darling marry me
We don’t need anything
Leave the church and diamond ring
Just watch the city lights with me

My sisters they have all gone in front of me
Upstate and downtown I’m gonna get down on my knee
My heart is hinting, time to lose the subtlety
‘Cause my finger’s cold and feeling lonely
But I’m holding

Track Name: Things To Believe In
Things To Believe In

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year
Did you get what you wanted?
Did the time fly, did it go by
Was it slower than sunsets
I grew older just like you
We slipped further from our youth

Oh the weather, it got warmer
I’m not sure where the snow falls
And the storm came, washed us away
Stole the shore and tore trees down
I’ll hang ribbons on my door
We’ll sweep needles off the floor

Could the science be sufficient
When you’re looking for true love
I need big things to believe in
I need stars over stables
Wise men looking to the sky
They crossed deserts seeking ancient light

We are searching for a saviour
But we won’t lay our swords down
It’s a new year, it’s not waiting
Throw your fears to the ground now
Take what you believe, let it go let it breathe
Put your hand up to mine, be one for one night
Then my love is all I can prove to you
Track Name: Seine

And you’re down by the river again, but the stars won’t shine
And redemption is lost on your soul, you’re so full of pride
Button up all the fears that you hide beneath brass and gold
What was holding you down deep inside, we will never know

Were there scars on your skin
Was there shame under sin
You would plunge to the depths
With so many questions left

The children who fell in the street will not make a sound
When the water that brought you to life finally takes you down
What’s lost in the river will someday be found

You would follow the law of the land never turning back
But it’s breaking like looking glass can with a single crack
When the compass inside is a lie and you turn around
And the enemy stands by your side to help you out

What was once black is white
What was once wrong is right
And your feet start to slip
As the ground starts to give

The children who fell in the street will not make a sound
When the water that brought you to life finally takes you down
What’s lost in the river will someday be found
Track Name: Plain Man
Plain Man

The ink spills, the forms fill
And the week will pass
Enter your data into files that don’t matter
Time starts to scatter, and you can’t get it back

I don’t want to stay in this room in one place
While the wallpaper fades and the pipes rust away

I slowed down long enough for you to catch me
I stood still to wait for you, well I’m still waiting
When will things improve? When are we going to move?

I am a plain man
My bones break too
True my ambition falls short of your vision
Intentions to live more than you want to do

I don’t want to stay in this room in one place
While the wallpaper fades and the hair turns to grey

I slowed down long enough for you to catch me
I stood still to wait for you, well I’m still waiting
When will things improve? When are we going to move?
Track Name: Misunderstood

I’m done with all the arguing
Because you don’t bring anything to the table
I press my shoulders back
But I cannot control the madness
Finally I’ll fly ahead of you

I’ll let go and be misunderstood
You grab on like you always do
This time you’ll be right, and I’ll
Be gone for good

I’m tired of the sick charade
and past the point where you persuade. Who is holy?
Remember when you made me half
Then you were my better half, it’s over
There are no more paths to pursue


The daughter of a scientist
Is not a girl that you can twist
Into your plans with your words and your hands
There’s a chance I can stand on my own
On my own

Track Name: Rogue

When you’ve lost time and patience
When you’ve gone rogue
When all the medication is lost along
with everyone you know
It’s time for celebration
You’re on your way
You’ve broken boundaries
And there’s no change without growing pains

Stop listening to the ghosts
Who only ever tell you “no, no, no”
‘Cause when you look at them you’ll just see through
They’re just prisoners of empty rooms

You’ve got your education
You’re on display
You’re searching every star, but what you find
Won’t fit inside a frame
It’s just a generation
That passed the hate
When they attack, baby don’t turn back
They won’t haunt you for long
You’ve got to be strong, be brave